I trained with Kim Olver for over six months and benefit from that training daily. Kim is a master coach, counselor, and teacher devoted to skillful methods that work. She’s an insightful, supportive, and highly effective communicator with decades of experience who practices what she teaches. For anyone looking for training as a coach or counselor—or even just someone looking to take more effective control of their lives—I can’t recommend Kim Olver enough.“–Marie Walsh, Marie Walsh, business owner, creative director, and coach from Los Angeles, CA

Just as a pebble thrown in the water creates ripples across the surface, Kim Olver is spreading Choice Theory around the world, one training trip at a time. Since January, Olver has been to Singapore twice, and Korea, Malaysia, and Croatia, teaching Choice Theory.  Olver sums up her life’s work as helping people get along better with the important people in their lives, including themselves, at home and at work.

Kim Olver, is a licensed clinical professional counselor (LCPC), certified in Choice Theory and Reality Theory (CT/RT), evidenced-based training that she has devoted much of her career to teaching. She is the creator of the Choice Coaching Program, and the founder and president of Coaching for Excellence. In addition, Kim is the executive director for the William Glasser Institute – US and of William Glasser International.

Her year has been a whirlwind, with just brief trips home to conduct trainings stateside. January found her with Pat Robey, another senior level instructor of Choice Theory, in Singapore teaching other therapists Choice Theory so they could become practicum supervisors. Olver teaches faculty training, endorsing participants to teach different levels, depending on their training.

In June, she headed to Croatia where she taught her coaching program, Choice Coaching from Academy of Choice, to about 90 people. “The thing that was amazing about teaching in Croatia is the slides and handouts were in Croatian, but I was able to teach in English and be understood,” Olver said.

There has been such interest in Olver’s Choice Coaching Program, it has been translated into Farsi and Croatian, with plans for additional translations next year. Read more…