Leveraging Diversity

A diverse workforce is one of your greatest assets, yet precious few companies have learned to leverage its power. Beyond recruitment and hiring, many businesses fall short when it comes to retention and motivation of the diverse workforce they worked so hard to employ. For minority employees, the missing piece is often a strong sense of self and an appreciation for who they are and what they offer.

Leveraging Diversity at Work goes beyond calling for diversity to give business leaders the knowledge and tools they need to profit from our differences. Minority workers will also find real-world inspiration for contributing to their company’s vision, mission and success.

This book helps companies who understand the value of diversity to build, retain and leverage the diverse workforce they need to be competitive in this country, as well as the global market. The book starts in the very beginning where most books and training programs don’t. Before any executive can implement long term organizational change, the company must ensure the cooperation and conviction of its employees. I am reminded of the saying, “If you think you are leading and no one is following, then you are just out for a walk.”

A bottom-line, rubber-meets-the-road guide to profiting from the diversity you worked so hard to create. A must-read for all business professionals.” — – Kenton Clarke, Diversity Business

We must go beyond just having a diverse workforce, inclusion is the key that will lead to profits…this book with show you the way to diversity inclusion!” — —Cecilia Chavez, President of Competitive Edge Consulting

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