Reality Therapy & Choice Theory Training

What is Reality Therapy?

Reality Therapy is a counseling method that was developed by Dr. William Glasser in 1965. However, it is so much more than a counseling technique. Reality Therapy is a problem solving method that works well with people who are experiencing problems they want help solving, as well as those who are having problems and appear to not want any assistance. Reality Therapy also provides an excellent model for helping individuals solve their own problems objectively and serves as the ideal questioning series during coaching sessions.

What is Choice Theory?

Choice Theory® takes the mystery out of behavior—yours and theirs. It provides an explanation for why we do the things we do. Choice Theory® explains how a person’s perceptions shape their reality and teaches the four components of behavior. Armed with this new knowledge, problem conceptualization becomes much easier as well as determining the most appropriate treatment method. You will take a new and different approach to creating behavior change in your clients.

Why Take Training?

One of the things I like best about Choice Theory® is its wide-spread application—you can use it in your personal, as well as your professional life. It provides transferable skills for everyday life. Choice Theory® helped me to become a better counselor, mother, life partner, friend and a better all around person. When you truly embrace its teachings, Choice Theory® becomes a way of life instead of a hypothetical theory of human behavior.

Reality therapy is a short-term approach with long-term results. When you learn how to use it, you will be teaching your clients Choice Theory® so they can begin to use the process with themselves. Reality therapy helps clients move from a victim role to empowered self-reliance.