Secrets of Happy Couples

What Makes Happy Couples Happy?

Whether you’re in love and want to make it better, or are alone and want to get it right next time, relationship expert Kim Olver reveals the hidden truths behind happiness and satisfaction. Secrets of Happy Couples is different from other books of the same subject because it is based on one basic truth—that all great relationships begin and end with yourself. Any relationship is the sum of its parts: individuals. This book explores how you, as an individual, can make the difference and create a happy and fulfilling relationship with your partner. No other book has surveyed couples. Olver also interviewed prominent relationship experts and included their ideas in the book. She discusses the Relationship Cycle, beginning in the Alone Stage, moving to the Getting Together Stage, on to the Compatibility Stage, to the Maintenance Stage, and then back to the Alone Stage. At least 50% of us will find ourselves alone again due to death, divorce or personal decision. Kim doesn’t shy away from that fact; instead she provides tips and strategies to successfully navigate the grief of a lost relationship.


Winner of Three Awards!

“If you wonder what it takes to be happy as a couple, this book is for you. Kim uses real life stories, survey data, and practical skills; all of which point to success. Olver is breaking exciting new ground.”

—Gary Chapman, Ph.D.
author of The Five Love languages and Love As a Way of Life

“Self-love is the secret ingredient to happy, thriving relationships. In the Secrets of Happy Couples, Kim Olver guides you to look beyond the roses and rings, and to establish a deep inner state of love as the foundation for a successful partnership” .

Marci Shimoff, # 1 NY Times bestselling author,
Happy for No Reason,
Lover for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Soul

“Secrets of Happy Couples provides a complete guide to relationships, starting before you are in one, taking you through the getting together, compatibility and maintenance stages while ending with how to manage the grief of a relationship ending, whether it be through death, divorce or a personal decision to separate. It’s brilliant. Olver provides a road map for success at any stage.”

—Gina Mollicone-Long,
International Best-Selling Author of Think or Sink

“If there ever was such a thing as a ‘relationship training manual’, this is it. This book is a “must-read” for all single and coupled men and women everywhere who desire a deeply connected and joyous loving relationship. Not only does Olver present real research on what actually works in relationships from the 100 happy couples she surveyed, but she writes in a compassionate, clear and engaging style. Once you start reading this book, you won’t want to put it down!”

—Dr. Karen Kan, Author of Creating Your Fairytale Love Life:
Harness the Law of Attraction to Manifest Your Dream Partner

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